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Princeton, NJ


About Inspector Protector Inspection Services, LLC

When I decided to become a home inspector and start this company I realized that the perception of this business was one of similarity. Everyone I spoke to said all home inspectors are the same and in some respect it's true. Others think that all inspectors are only interested in finding every little thing wrong with a home and to make sure to cover themselves from legalities.

Today's homebuyer still wants to know if something needs repair or replacement during the home inspection. They also desire information regarding home maintenance and energy consumption. They also want all that information in the inspection report. When you hire Inspector Protector Inspection Services, LLC you just aren't getting a home inspection. You are getting an educational experience but every aspect of your new home!

Inspector Protector Inspection Services, LLC provides that information during every inspection and includes it in the report via website or video links. Every client also receives a free one-year membership to The Homeowners Network. Its technical support for your home. Or another way to put it is it’s like AAA for your home! We also offer an energy inspection, which estimates the cost of the utilities and recommends upgrades to save energy.

I promise if you hire us for your inspection needs you will be treated with the professionalism costumer care you deserve!

Its guaranteed 100%. Clients that are not satisfied do not pay!

Joe Ganguzza
Owner of Inspector Protector Inspection Services, LLC